Human Resources owns a growing piece of the budget pie - but how do you break in?

Sales leader Jill Konrath has some pointed questions about the buying process for HR leaders, so she interviewed David Kingsley, Chief People Officer at Vlocity (via Salesforce and Mulesoft).

We asked:

  • What technologies are forward-thinking HR leaders excited about?
  • What keeps the CHRO up at night?
  • If employees are the customers of HR, what does that mean for the selling process?
  • How does HR calculate value and prove ROI?
  • Email? Cold calls? Events? How can a salesperson get the attention of decision-makers in the HR department?

Get a video of the full interview, a “cheat sheet” for the highlights, and pain-point-focused video shorts to get you up to speed - fast.

If you’ve been wondering about the secret knock to get in the door - here it is!