People don't leave jobs. They leave Managers. They also leave Organizations. 

How can you ensure that you are hiring the best fit candidates for the available sales position? How can you equip them to be successful as efficiently and effectively as possible? How can you keep your highest-performing talent engaged and motivated?

What You'll Learn in this Webinar:

  • Top 5 Reasons why Good Employees Leave
  • The Impact of Voluntary Turnover on your Organization's Growth
  • The 4 Phases for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Watch SalesSpire's CEO and Founder, Bill Waham, as he explores the challenges of hiring and retaining high-performing sales talent in today's business environment and shares practical tips for keeping your team engaged and productive. 

Bill Waham

CEO and Founder | SaleSpire

Bill Waham founded SalesSpire after a successful career in sales spanning more than 35 years. During this time he never missed a sales target and managed a $2.5 billion sales organization at Cisco Systems with incredible results. His teams saw a rate of voluntary turnover of less than 1% and the highest customer satisfaction scores in their class. His expertise is not theoretical—it is a lived experience. Before his career in sales, Bill served in the Marine Corps and earned a BS in computer science via the GI Bill.

Steve Bryerton

VP of Sales | DiscoverOrg

Steve is the VP of Sales at DiscoverOrg. He has built a career of over 15 years of experience in demand generation, digital marketing, marketing communications, creative direction, and event marketing. He has created and implemented programs that produced and nurtured leads, bridged the gap between marketing and sales, and strengthened the company’s brand and reputation. He has also managed various creative projects and internal communications initiatives. Steve is the B2B and B2C "Idea Guy".

CMO, DiscoverOrg

Katie is responsible for leading the global marketing and growth functions at DiscoverOrg. She brings 15 years of marketing, product, and strategy experience in global, high-growth technology businesses to her role at DiscoverOrg. Prior to joining DiscoverOrg, Katie served in executive leadership roles at Mitratech, Accruent, and Hoover’s. She has a bachelor’s and masters degree from the University of Virginia.