If you’re involved in B2B sales and you’re still relying primarily on inbound sales and leads from marketing, you’re missing a major growth opportunity.

How huge? According to a study in the book “Customer Loyalty Guaranteed: Create, Lead
and Sustain Remarkable Customer Service” by Chip Bell and John Patterson, only 30 percent of B2B decision makers are actively or passively looking to switch vendors. Yet of those who do switch to a competitive offering, 75 percent say they were “satisfied or completely satisfied” with their former provider. So it stands to reason that a good percentage of the switchers hadn’t been looking at all – or even contemplating abandoning their current supplier.

Based on these numbers, maybe it’s time to radically rethink your approach to sales. If the lion’s share of your effort is geared toward inbound marketing, you could be leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

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The Power of Outbound: Rethinking Your Sales Strategy

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