What are the factors to consider when starting or revitalizing your sales development program?

At a high level, what are the most important points to focus on before your teams hits the phones or sends another email? 

Sit down with Henry Schuck, CEO of DiscoverOrg, and David Dulany, CEO of Tenbound, as they breakdown the specific strategies and tactics to ensure your Sales Development program gets off to the right start and performs at the highest level!

David Dulany
CEO | Tenbound

David is a Sales Development program building specialist with deep experience building highly successful SDR programs from scratch for technology companies. With a track record of success in meeting opportunity creation targets and motivating teams through leadership, coaching, communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills. He is currently working with two of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley to help build their Sales Development programs and is also the host of the #1 Sales Development Podcast on iTunes: The Sales Development Podcast.

Henry Schuck
Co-Founder & CEO | DiscoverOrg

Henry Schuck is the founder and CEO of DiscoverOrg, the leading source for information, marketing, and sales intelligence. Henry founded DiscoverOrg in 2007 and has led the company on a rapid growth path without the benefit of outside funding. This led to his pursuing what he calls “innovation through dis-innovation”: building the industry’s most accurate contact database not through technology like web scraping or crowdsourcing, but by employing a team of 85+ data analysts continually calling into thousands of IT and finance departments.

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